14 November, 2011

How to hide unused languages in Swype on Nokia N9

New Harmattan firmware 20.2011.40-4 brought Swype keyboard to N9 device. It's really cool, but has one problem if you want using more one language. You can't choose only needed languages for langswitсher in swype keyboard. So if you want change keyboard layout you need longtap on switcher button and choose layout from list,  or tap much times on switcher button until find your layout.
It's really uncomfortably!
Under cut I show how you can hide unused languages.
So, first what you needed is developer-mode. You can enable it in Settings->Security->Developer Mode.
Now, you need edit /usr/share/swype/data/languages.lst, and remove unused languages from this file. For access to this file you need root access:
  1. Start Terminal application
  2. Enter devel-su
  3. Enter password: rootme as default
  4. Enter vi /usr/share/swype/languages.list
  5. Edit file and save (see man vi for help)*
*Make sure that you did not add  new line  code to file , it's  make your swype nonworking. Do not use nano for edit, it always add 0x0A symbol to end of file.

Done. Now only needed languages are in your Swype.

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  1. Thanks a lot! Helped me.
    Small correction: in PR1.1 at least the file is located at /usr/share/swype/data , not at /usr/share/swype